Joining CPE1's Staff

CPE1 is hiring for 2019-2020.  Please send a resume to CPE1's principal, Gabriel Feldberg:


Working at CPE1

To “educate children to become thoughtful citizens of a democratic society,” you have to be thoughtful and democratic. To facilitate an education that “expects responsibility” in learning and social behavior, you have to expect responsibility in yourself.  Everyone in the community holds each other to those high expectations.


Working at CPE1 is demanding… and rewarding.  Staff put in long hours.  Most teachers eat lunch while they work with children.  They make themselves available to connect with families.  Adults often clean up around the school because children deserve inviting spaces to learn, and adults go outside in the cold because children deserve fresh air and exercise.  Everyone discusses big decisions and everyone gives extra to make the school run. That’s hard work, and the work pays off.


Vital Committments

Working at CPE1 involves six big commitments: 

Commitment to Children

Working mindfully to achieve individual capacity

Commitment to Childhood

Contributing to a community in which childhood development and happiness are inalienable rights

Commitment to Families

Developing deeply respectful partnerships with families to support children

Commitment to Colleagues

Valuing time and work with staff members of every title and role

Commitment to Practice

Engaging actively in activities to strengthen pedagogical growth

Commitment to School

Acting in accordance with core CPE1 beliefs

Hiring Process

CPE1's hiring committee meets with strong candidates for positions in our school.  Before meeting with the hiring committee, it's important to spend time visiting.  Before any formal interview, we ask all candidates to spend a day in classrooms and around CPE1, observing the school and how we work together.