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If you would like your child to attend CPE1, click here.

If you are interested in joining the CPE1 staff, click here.

Current Families

Yearlong Calendar

The date of every school holiday, gathering, and event is together on one sheet.  Please click here for the 2018-2019 yearlong calendar.


Emergency Contact

All families need a 'blue card' on file for emergency contact and pick-up information.  This is allows you to give walking field trip permissions, photograph permissions, and join the CPE1 directory. 

Once you fill out this form, you'll be able to edit it if you ever have to make changes.  Click here to start.


Sign-Up For Messaging

Get CPE1 mail and notices on your phone.  These short reminders and longer letters never get lost in a child's backpack.  

To get information and letters from CPE1 via text message, just text @kb6gf6 to the number 81010.

To get email notifications, get the free app here.  


Lunch Forms

School lunch and breakfast are free for all New York City students.  We still need every family's lunch form.  Our school can receive extra funding.  Please click here to fill out your lunch form online.


Family Handbook

The CPE1 Family Handbook is full of information you should know.  Please click here for a copy.


Letters to Families 

Updates from the principal are an important way to keep up with the life of the school.  Click here to find letters from the 2018-2019 school year.


Volunteering Through CPE1's Parent Association


Volunteers are a vital to our school community.  There are many opportunities to help with such activities as ice skating, grant writing, Fall Festival, book swap, and auction. Please consider how you could be involved, and click here to complete a volunteer form


Donating to CPE1's Parent Association

CPE1 families donate their time, expertise, and money to support learning in our school. 

If your child attends our school, you're automatically a member of the CPE1 parent association.  The parent association supports activities such as as ice skating, cooking in classrooms, visiting artists, camping or other outdoor activities and graduation

The parent association believes it's not how much you can contribute, but that every family contributes what it can.  The goal is full participation of all families.

To make your annual financial contribution and any other donations to the PA, click the button below. 


Donating to Friends of CPE1

Friends of CPE1 is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization.  Friends empowers and supports the school by raising funds and developing relationships with alumni and supporters. Friends has its own board of directors, which includes parents, alumni, parents of alumni, and current and former staff.

Friends of CPE1 strives to:

  • Sustain CPE1’s educational programs and progressive educational mission

  • Build a strong community of alumni and friends

  • Support the CPE1 faculty with funds to enrich classroom learning

  • Secure grants from foundations and public sector sources

Friends of CPE1 welcomes gifts of any size. All gifts are fully tax-deductible and are eligible for most corporate matching gift programs.


Applying to CPE1

Tour Sign-Up

Before you apply to CPE1, you should see it in person.  Take a daytime tour on November 14, November 28, December 14, or January 16. Or, take an evening tour on December 6. Please click here to sign up.  


The New York City Department of Education manages enrollment for kindergarten and pre-kindergarten

Applications are accepted during the winter. Kindergarten applications are open until January 14. Click here to apply.

To apply to CPE1 for kindergarten or pre-k, list it as one of your choices when you fill out your application to the Department of Education.

Joining CPE1's Staff

Getting in Touch with Us

CPE1 always is interested in dedicated professionals who are eager to work hard in support of our school's mission.  If you are interested, please send a resume to CPE1's principal, Gabriel Feldberg, at


Hiring Process

CPE1's hiring committee meets with strong candidates for positions in our school.  Before meeting with the hiring committee, it's important to spend time visiting.  Before any formal interview, we ask all candidates to spend a day in classrooms and around CPE1, observing the school and how we work together.