Letters from the Principal

Click below to find letters home from the 2018-2019 school year.


June 20

Classes and staffing in 2019-2020, assigning children to classes

June 7

End of state review, appreciation for families’ voice

May 31

Come to the state review, see the courtyard garden

May 31

Following up on children’s discussion of sad news

May 21

Children’s advocacy and restrooms, spring concert, Harlem social dance, state review

May 8

Welcome back Tim, invitation to state review, fifth grade farming

March 21

Marilyn and Jim shifting roles

March 18

State accountability and opting in or out of testing

March 8

Family conferences; Citywide surveys; End of skating season; Successful water test

Water test results letter

February 14

Rereading narratives; Family workshop; Welcome, Reyes

January 24

Community coffee on testing, book swap, water testing results

City letter about water testing

January 17

Testing and status with New York State Education Department

January 2

Working together for Pam’s pre-K class; Upcoming CEC meetings

December 17

So long, Alissa; Welcome, Pam; Skating; Winter Concert

November 29

Special community lunch, Festival of Lights

October 24

Halloween at CPE1, Friday’s community coffee

October 18

Fall Festival coming up, looking back at workshop on work time

October 5

Work time and science, evening workshop on October 16

September 25

Open House introduction - three things to think about in classrooms

September 21

Passing doors and small practices, no photos, come work time workshop

September 12

Setting up the year, come to the District Four fair

September 5

First day of school, families' first-day homework


August 31

Appreciating sweaty staff, welcome Alissa


August 10

Welcome Tina and Laurie


July 20

Welcome Rubén and Zachary, good wishes to Alison and Elana, summer resources